A Postcard from Cyprus


The land of the aquamarine sea, honey glazed golden hours and spicy hot sun. A week in paradise, how to switch off, unwind and take your mind to a less hectic place when you find it hard to disconnect.

I was introduce to the paradise that is Cyprus in 2017, when J’s family invited me on holiday with them. The rustic shacks and simple yet beautiful way of life, is endearing and the perfect distraction from emails and work life. Summer 2018 I went back to Latchi, Cyprus twice and both times I took a significant break from my phone. Of course it is hard to completely disconnect when creating content is part of your life, but divulging myself in books, the food and the gorgeous sun was the perfect re fresh.



Keep your phone at the hotel or the villa, take yourself to a secluded beach, cove or just sit by the pool. Add a deliciously refreshing drink in to the mix, something to read be it a book or a magazine and just relax. Find yourself dipping in an out of sleep while laying in the sizzling heat? Even better. Cool off with a dip in the sea, brush your hair and add a hair mask… anything but picking up your phone. While on this holiday, I actually spent 3/10 days (which doesn’t seem a lot but it was just what I needed) completely detached from my phone and the online world.

 The beach pictured is The Blue Lagoon – a must have if you visit Paphos. 

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