Break The Mould.

Break The Mould.


Good Morning! Happy Monday and welcome back to another blog post. This week I am talking about breaking away from negativity coming from the people closest to you. We divulge into why this topic was chosen, my own story and a few tips from experience on how to break the mould. For some reason, as a society we are always determining our own hopes and dreams on others reactions. Why do we do this. I recently met up with a close friend who has been modelling for some of my Monday The Studio client shoots, she isn’t a ‘qualified’ model just a beautiful girl that is very good at taking directions with her movements. We got talking about how she felt when I first reached out to her with the “I would love you to model” direct message.

She mentioned the comments, from her close friends when she told them about her modelling for our shoots, consisted of ‘why are you doing that’ ‘you’re not a real model though’ ‘oh here comes the model’ - when she told me this I couldn’t get my head around why they felt the need to say that. Yes of course, as all of our mums, would say “they are just jealous” but as a friend I wouldn’t think to put someone down and bring negativity to an exciting opportunity they are telling me about. I asked her if the comments made her change her mind in wanting to do the modelling and she said she did second guess it, but she knew it’s what she really wanted to do. But I know of so many others that I have spoken to that would love to start an Instagram page, a hobby they have a business idea, but they never go through with it out of fear of what others will say. But that needs to stop.

below are some old images from when I first started taking Instagram more seriously.


Yes, of course it is, it’s easier to talk about things, but doing them is a different story. Here are some of my best tips to block out the negative noise and focus on achieving your dreams and goals without fear of what people will say.

  1. Think to the future  - Focus on the end goal, while enjoying the journey to get there. Whether you want to take up a new hobby, start a business, become a photographer or even maybe a YouTuber. Staying focused and knowing that yes you will get there will help you to block out the negativity, you won’t care about what anyone has to say, because you know you will smash it and you are focusing on a different entity.
  2. Work in silence - This is a hard one if the comments are coming from people very close to you, but just don’t tell people. If you don’t want people to see you starting something that isn’t a ‘thing’ yet (I hear this a lot) then don’t show what you are working on until you are happy with it. You aren’t entitled to tell anyone what you are up to, so don’t ever feel like you have to. I often hear from influencers that they started a blog or YouTube channel under a secret name so it couldn’t be searched or traced back to them.
  3. You’re the only one that is going to get you there - You may have goals and dreams of things you want to complete, but how are you going to get there if you don’t start? You are not alone everyone started something small look at huge brands and where they began, this will give you the hope to know that actually if you want to do it you are the only one that is stopping yourself from starting.
  4. Ask yourself why and how much you want it? - When you ask yourself these two questions it will put everything in to perspective, but if you don’t want it that much, maybe you’re not ready.


I have always been the girl that loved taking photos, I remember having all the girls to my house for sleepovers or before parties while being at secondary school and setting up my old digital camera on self timer, I made designated time slots to take photos before we left, because I loved looking back at the memories. I had so many albums on Facebook for each party or sleepover.  I remember one time I actually took a huge camera to a party, looking back that is crazy. I uploaded on Instagram everyday, everything that I was doing, the food I was eating and the people I was with, I didn’t think anything of it. So as my love of photography and fashion grew they merged and my page became more directed at my outfits. I then left school and the comfort blanket of my huge group of girl friends and dived into the empty world of College. I didn’t know any one and I was my own person! Now that is the key, I didn’t have those people making comments or judging any movements that I made which looking back on it made it so much easier to start a blog when I was 16 when doing something different is frowned upon and slated. Of course this isn’t feasible for all of you and you may be reading this still at school or university maybe even in a job and still feeling the same, but that is just what happened with me. My Instagram and love for creating content grew and took an organic path until I ended up where I am now.

I hope this post has helped just one of you to ignore the negativity and feel inspired and motivated to get your ideas flowing and work on something new. If you would like to chat please drop me an Instagram DM I would love to offer more advice or hear your own stories!



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