Candle Favourites.

Another little Autumn focused post because I am in full swing for cosy evenings in, there is nothing better than getting snuggly on the sofa or at my desk and lighting a few candles. I am always on the hunt for candles whether its for myself or a gift and with Christmas approaching soon.. yes I said the C word I thought I would create a little list of all my favourites and some of the ones on my wish list, in case you too are looking for any!

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Current Home Wishlist.

I have loved interiors since I was thirteen years old watching 60 minute makeover, do you remember that programme! I used to move my room around all of the time, sometimes twice a week, changing the position of my bed, my wardrobes, drawers. One time I even had my bed in the middle of the room, hahaha, makes me laugh even now. Of course my style has changed over time but recently I really think I have found a style, not just within interiors but a style that is transpiring through from my wardrobe to my bedroom. I still live at home with my parents so until I have an entire house to fully decorate my bedroom is my only blank canvas. I wanted to put together a little post including my interiors wish list.



Interior Insight: The Bedroom.

You won’t believe it but when I was younger interior design was actually the career path I wanted to go down. Although I don’t work within interiors I still absolutely love them and I am a daily interior pinner! Often finding myself in H&M home purchasing some new goodies for my bedroom (I am yet to move out so just filling my bedroom with bits for now) It is no where near what I would like it to look like there are things on my list such as a new bed and bedside tables etc.. that I would love to have but with the future prospect of moving I am keeping that on hold for now and enjoying what I have.

The Workspace.

Because I work from my home my bedroom doubles as my office, eventually when I have flown the nest I will have a set space / room for this, but for now it works perfectly. I got a basic Ikea corner desk to house my computer, to read more about creating a gorgeous work space I wrote a blog post filled with all my tips and ideas. I just like this space to feel tidy but inspiring and functional. My chair is one of my favourite things I think I have ever bought, again I found it on Ebay it wasn’t a scratch on the usual prices for these chairs and I wanted the specific colour and tulip shape!

I hope you liked this little interior insight. Hopefully one day in the future I will be giving you insights in to more rooms that just my bedroom but for now this is my little space.

Sleep Tight.

The heart of my room is my bed. A super old king-size bed with a £50 pleather cream headboard I bought myself about 5 years ago now! I LOVE my bed and really relish in a good nights sleep so my bedding and the atmosphere of my ‘sleeping area’ is crucial. The brushed cotton, white bedding I purchased from Primark, so snuggly and doesn’t break the bank. My bedside tables are super old basic Ikea, with marble lamp stands I randomly picked up in Tescos * similar one linked.  with a lampshade from H&M home, I adore the velvet and colour. I added this Desenio frame and print to my bedside table to add something else as it felt a little bit bare. In terms of what I have it varies as I do actually use it whether its candles, books, lone water bottles and half drunk cups of tea, hand creams or lip balm.

The Little Things

I am a little bit obsessed with picking up little things like trays, dishes, candles and whatever else I spy in H&M home.. my new favourite shop if you haven’t noticed. My gold frames are from Desenio and I actually just found some prints that I loved on Pinterest and printed them off at home. The gold and pale pink perfume tray is a H&M home piece as well as the shell jewellery dish. My incredible gold palm tree candle holder is from Hoxton Home a little gem I came across in Deal one day. The lampshade is from B&Q my dad brought it home one day a good 5 or 6 years ago and I still love it so much. Something I really love in the home is navy velvet, this stool I bought in Home sense for £60 and you should have seen my face walking out holding it *smug.