Creating The Dream Workspace.

Creating The Dream Workspace.


You know what they say, tidy space, tidy mind... or something like that. Having my desk / office clear of clutter and surrounded by inspiring and comforting staples is so important to me, of course it has to look pretty too, we are all about the aesthetic after all. Here is a step by step guide of how to create your dream desk space no matter where it is.



The Desk Necessities.

My desk essentials are a mixture of 'pretty things' and 'actual work needs.' We all wan't the minimal, Mari-Kondo style life but sometimes this isn't feasible, especially when you have actual business items that you need everyday. Some of my desk essentials are below:

Macbook Air / Mac Desktop / Notebook & Pens / Camera's / A multitude of random chargers / Inspiration material  / Candles / Business receipts / Printed material

Shop some of my favourite desk must haves below.


Surrounded by Inspo.

A must have for me is having inspirational material, whether that's images taken from my favourite magazines, post cards or logos picked up from parcels, free lookbooks etc.. I always keep anything physical that I love the branding of! Even if its a sweet wrapper (hahah yes!) I have a pin board, or you can use a mesh board, even just simply stick them to your wall with tape! I like to change it up every so often, sometimes I use it to create bespoke mood boards for brands and upcoming projects, it is so useful having it in front of me, while I am busy working on my computer.


#Minimalism Always.

I love my desk to always look nice and tidy as well as pretty, so here are some tips for hiding the mess that you don't want to keep out in sight:


  1. Put it in a draw. If you are able to have some sort of draw system (head to Ikea) under your desk or next to, definitely jump at the chance. It is the perfect way to hide away all the old receipts, books, letters etc that you don't want out in sight.
  2. If a draw isn't an option get a pretty box. I keep an Acne Studios shoe box on my desk full of leaflets, business cards, polaroids, and printed material that I have made but don't want to throw away. It is such a pretty colour but keeps everything hidden. But if you aren't looking to get any shoes anytime soon check out Paperchase or Hobbycraft for cute coloured boxes. You can also check out Ebay or Depop for people selling designer boxes for very cheap, an affordable way to get the look without buying the £300 shoes!
  3. I also keep a nice shopping bag under my desk. It houses all the new in products I need to shoot for clients, this way they all stay together and it looks really pretty in a nice bag. * Same rules apply to the above situation with the box!

I would love to see your workspace set up! Tag @mondaythestudio in your Instagram stories if you have been inspired from our post!



  1. 30 July 2019 / 2:09 pm

    Beautifully written post Lauren, thank you so much for sharing! Just curious, is your iMac one with Retina display? Does it make a difference with your editing and the details or have you gone for the regular one?

    Love, Cynthia xx

    • laurengcollins
      30 July 2019 / 2:18 pm

      Hey Cynthia. Thank you so much, I am really glad it was useful for you! I actually don’t have a Retina display, but I don’t think this matters at all. I will often edit on my computer / laptop and then transfer it to my phone to see how it looks there and vice versa! Hope that helps! L xx

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