Creative Update.

Good Morning! I hope your morning is bright and sunny and the birds are singing... even though its probably a typical English day,  a bit crap. I wanted to just come on this morning and give you all a little update because last night I finally pulled myself out of a two day slump and felt so inspired and creativity was buzzing at my finger tips.

The Slump.

I'm not really entirely sure why I felt in such a slump, perhaps the weather, extreme low feeling after getting back from Paris maybe just hormones I don't really know but I felt like I was questioning myself, my capabilities, my career choice and absolutely everything in between. On Sunday night I had great intentions writing a big to-do list and a time plan for Monday, but when Monday came I just could not be bothered to do anything, I ticked a few things off but still felt exhausted. But after having a little chat with my Mum (the absolute rock of my life) I came up with a new concept and suddenly felt so much better.

The New.

As I mentioned recently on my Instagram I have a new idea going in the style direction that I want to casually put in place to see how it goes. It may be a total flop but you may absolutely love it! Lauren Grace Style will be a separate Instagram account to my daily Lauren Grace Lifestyle, where I will post just mirror selfies of my outfits each day. This will be a direct source for outfit inspiration and allow me to feel like I am really getting my style and ideas out there without having to book a huge shoot or haul a suitcase to London and will totally eradicate all the stress of needing someone to take my photos, which when working alone proves very difficult. I am going to test run this idea, starting from scratch and just see how many of you warm to it.

The Old, But Updated.

So of course Lauren Grace Lifestyle has been my platform for so many years and it allows me to have an outlet for my creativity and my love of pure creation. I decided to re launch my blog a few months ago, which again allows me to pursue my love of writing and get a little bit more out than just an IG post. But the Youtube channel is the newest venture,I had wanted to start one for ages after watching videos all through my teens and finally I took the plunge. Although even in the past few months I feel like my aesthetics have really progressed so you can expect a few visual changes over there too. I feel like Lauren Grace is now across all platforms and I feel so great for it!

And thats that. Just a little update for you and a reveal of my exciting new platform Lauren Grace Style, which will be coming very soon!


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