How Do I Edit?

My most asked question the past few days, it seems to be after my Ibiza trip, is how do I edit my photos. It is actually so simple but I thought I would dedicate an entire post to how I do this so you can always refer back.

I just use one app to edit which is VSCO Cam. However I  did upgrade my app paying £18 a year for VSCO X which gives me unlimited access to all of the filters on offer.

The Editing Process:

  1. Load an image into VSCO
  2. First I will add the filter DOG1 as a basis of the edit. I will then bring this down to suit the image (if the image has a lot of green it will be higher)
  3. Then I adjust the exposure, contrast, shadows and the white balance.

My edits are always different depending on each photo, sometimes I will add grain to give a bit of texture, but that is the basics.


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