HOW TO: Edit Like Monday From Your Mobile.

Happy Monday! To kick start our brand spanking new blog #MondayMemoirs we are discussing all things editing. Our most asked question on our Instagram page is 'how do you edit your photos?' a question that is almost too in depth to answer on a quick DM. So here we are, all of our tips and tricks for beautiful photos in one place.


Instagram Stories.

Do you design your own templates? I do sometimes yes, it depends what it is for. I use Indesign to do this.

What are your favourite apps for stories? Currently loving Unfold, Storyluxe and Instories, obsessed with this one. (all paid premium)

How do you get the polaroid effect on your story? Storyluxe have my favourite polaroid and film effects.



What apps do we love? VSCO X (paid version £18 approx a month) Afterlight, Facetune.

Which app is best for grain? I always use VSCO however Afterlight has a great grain tool which allows you to edit the grain lighter or darker, to suit the image.

What filters do you use on VSCO X? My favourites are DOG1 V2 G9 E2 E4

How can you achieve dust on your pictures? Afterlight is perfect for this you can add an overlay effect of many different dust styles.

Is it worth paying for premium on editing apps? I think so yes, I always do when I really like the app and use it a lot, for me it is great to be able to have access to such variety but at a really little cost. If this isn't something you are looking into, I really don't think it is necessary to create beautiful imagery at all! 

Do you have a set filter you use on @laurengracelifestyle? For my personal imagery it changes depending on the style of photo and the colours on the feed at the time. I am mixing between DOG1 and V2 at the moment on VSCO.


Top video editing apps? VSCO X and Filmm are firm favourites at the moment. VSCO allows you to add filters and Filmm (when upgraded to the premium option) allows access to tons of filters, dust, vintage, camcorder effects as well as light flares.

How do you edit video? I love nostalgic, film camera style of video. Up until my recent discovery of Filmm I have always used Premiere Pro and downloaded free cam corder and dust overlays from Youtube to manual place on my videos. But Filmm is the easiest tool for all my favourite effects!

Do you use the same filter on your videos as your images? Yes! I like to keep things consistent.

How can you add music to a video? There are probably tons of apps to do this. But I just always use Premiere Pro for things like this.

Best editing apps that don't lower the quality of a video? Personally I would say Filmm is really good for me and doesn't lower the quality at all. But if you are looking for professional edits I would just go back to manual and use a programme like imovie, premiere pro or final cut.


Happy Editing! Feel free to tag @mondaythestudio in any of your edits created from our tips, we would love to repost them!

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