HOW TO: Nail The Perfect Candid Shot.

You know how it is, it's 3pm on a Monday afternoon, the slump has kicked in and you're taking a(nother) break on Instagram. You find yourself asking, how has she nailed that smiling, hair flicking picture with so much movement, and what about her, how did she get that of guard, 'paparazzi' style photo. We all love a candid shot, the natural and honest connection from the model to the camera but also the "I-didn't-spend-100-shots-trying-to-get-this-pic" kinda look. That is why we are here to give you the low down on our tips for nailing the off guard pose.


Keep It Moving. My best advice to get a candid shot is to keep changing your poses, don't just stay static in one place. Walk around, move your hair, change positions - that is the only way you are going to create movement in your photo which equals off guard.

Mix It Up. While you are mixing up your poses, change up your locations, angles, sit down, stand up, take sunglasses off and on. The more variety the better.

Check Your Pictures. Don't forget to stop after a while and check the images your delightful photographer has captured so you can check that you like them and that you are happy with the outcome.

Behind The Lens.

Click Click & Click. You are in charge of capturing, so just keep clicking. The more images you capture the more you have to sift through, this is the best way to get a candid shot.

If All Else Fails Click Record. If you can't get the right shot through taking photos, why not try videoing, this is a great tip that I often use to capture off guard poses. Click record and get your model to continue posing as they would for an image, then in post you can pause and screen grab the video to get an image (the quality won't be great but is okay for an IG upload)

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