HOW TO: Pose & Feel Confident In Front Of The Lens.

HOW TO: Pose & Feel Confident In Front Of The Lens.

That dreaded feeling down in your stomach when a camera lens is pointed in your direction. "Oh god, do I smile, is my hair weird, oh no what am I doing. Oh I blinked." But you don't have to have camera fear! I get asked so often about posing and confidence when it comes to being in front of the lens and I have a few tips to share with you.

I remember one specific time I really wanted to get a photo of my outfit, J and I had been out for lunch and I stopped for him to take a photo and all these people walked past and stared, immediately I felt awkward and said "stop taking them, lets go." Writing that right now makes me smile because now I don't even notice anyone around me, I am in my own bubble when I am shooting, too busy worrying about the lighting, if the angle is how I want it, is my face weird, has my hair blown everywhere... you get the point! Earlier this year I was lucky enough to do my first brand shoot with Pretty Lavish, a brand that I absolutely adore owned by the most amazing two girls, I had such a good day and I can't believe how much my confidence soared, that followed with Silk Fred and then Never Fully Dressed, Lavand Stories etc.. It is true what they say, you learn from experience and if I hadn't spent a good few years taking outfit pictures almost everyday and gone out of my comfort zone on these brand shoots I don't think I would feel as comfortable in my own skin as I do now.

Practice The Pose.

How do you know how to pose? How do you learn what is the best pose for you? You make it look so natural?

Posing with your body can be awkward and embarrassing, but when you have it nailed you will automatically feel a lot more confident and ready for the photograph. You wouldn't go into an exam having not revised so why would you start taking photos not prepared. It's as simple as that:

  • Watch youtube videos or BTS videos that bloggers and models post on Instagram. An amazing model to watch for posing is @amynevfashiondiaries.
  • Practice in the mirror (I always do this when I am trying on outfits, I practice how I want it to be posed before shooting it, so I can see how it makes the outfit look.
  • Set up your mobile / camera on self timer and practice a few pictures yourself (I always used to do this and it is so helpful)


You're On Location... What Next!

Okay so you've nailed your poses in the mirror, you've styled your outfits you have your amazing photographer with you and you've picked somewhere to shoot. But oh god... you forgot about all the people around you. Panic! What now.

If you are really super nervous about shooting in public then:

  • Go somewhere remote that you know won't be busy.
  • Don't shoot on the weekends
  • Take a few photos in one place and then move on.

But if you are feeling ready then here is my advice:

  • Block out all the people around you
  • Focus on yourself, what you are doing the movements, the clothes, your face etc..
  • Keep checking the photos back to see if you like them, this is also a huge distraction for you.
  • Most of the time people don't even notice you, especially if you're in London, but in a small town I totally get it, your old Chemistry teacher walks past then Sophies mum from Primary school it just gets a bit cringe, because they don't get why you are doing it. I often still get embarrassed shooting things when I am in my hometown, but remember that you are doing it for a reason, whether thats because you love doing it and it's your hobby or its your job, both are equally as meaningful as each other!
  • If anyone looks at you, just smile back, they are probably just looking at your killer outfit.

Who's Behind The Lens?

I think this is a really important factor to feeling confident posing. I know myself there are a few people that I love shooting with and there are people that I feel less confident with, there is nothing wrong with that. I just know that I need someone that can say "your hair is on your face" or "why don't you sit on the steps behind you" - communication is key!

  • Make sure you are shooting with someone you feel 100% comfortable with.
  • Start by just shooting some pictures in your room or by your house before you go out in public this will help you both understand what angles you like, the lighting and get more familiar with it if you have never done it before.

Hopefully by now you feel like you can conquer the location shoots, but if you can't please feel free to message me on Instagram or email me I am always here to help and I love talking about these things with you! Just remember practice makes perfect, the more you do it the more confident you will feel and at the end of the day who cares if people are looking at you, you won't even remember when you get home and edit your amazing images from the day!

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