How To Wear White This Winter

Regardless of whether your mum said only wear white in the summer. Mum’s aren’t always right. 

Okay so, I know white is typically saved for the blazing heat and the super high temperatures, but thats just an old wives tale really. I mean, why save something so staple and timeless just for a few months! I have found myself reaching for more ‘summer-esque’ items in my wardrobe and dressing them down with winter knits, faux furs and boots. If I had a pound for every time someone asked me about these jeans… well I would buy another pair.  I bought these jeans from Zara a few years ago, sorry I wish I could link them, they had tassels on the bottom and they sat in my wardrobe with the tags still on, left unworn and nearly thrown away at some points. Long story short I pulled them out and decided to cut the tassels off and thank god I did, because I wear these jeans more than I eat avocados.


A Blank Canvas

Build up your outfit from a blank canvas with the staple white jeans, white t-shirt and white boots. Reminder: you will never find matching shades of white so just bare with and don’t be too anal about the tones.

Statement Coat

Styling a super plain outfit is easy. Just add any patterned / coloured coat and you’re ready to go.

Make It Pop

Adding accessories that take your outfit from plain white to s-n-a-z-z! I added clear frame glasses inspired by my grandads old 6cm thick lenses, a faux fur stole and pop of ox blood with the bag.






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