I can’t function without it, I am tired if I have too much and it’s one of my favourite times of the day… sleep. Over the past few months I have been investing even more in my sleep, whether its pillow sprays, silk pillow cases, eye masks or really soft big pillows to sink in too. But I am getting a little bored of the classic white cotton sheets that I have had (not the same ones) for probably eight years now. With the help of Piglet In Bed I am changing up the look of my bed and adding a bit more style and luxe.

The Colours.

I love muted, neutral tones and for bedding I do really like having lighter colours, I have opted for the oatmeal bedtime bundle which is a combination of a creamy white sheet and pillow cases and the cool oatmeal duvet and pillow cases. I think having a dual colour really adds a lot of dimension to the bed as it is the focal point of my room. It compliments the off white headboard and grey wall really nicely.

The Fabric.

One thing I love about Piglet In Bed is all their products are made from 100% linen which is optional to iron as the crumpled effect is the signature look. Sleeping in this is such a dream in the spring and I cannot wait to see how it lasts through the summer as its a much lighter weight fabric.


When it comes to styling my bed I like it to be simple and easy, I don’t like tons of decorative cushions just enough to actually utilise sitting up in bed and make it comfy. We all want the hotel bed look, but I like the styling of pillows and cushions to resemble a more undone style.


Unless I am tanning (in which case I have specific full length pjs) I like to wear something light weight but really comfy as I do get quite cold in the night. I am always wearing my cashmere socks from The White Company, but I love to wear a dressing gown, my linen gown from Piglet In Bed is the perfect piece for sleeping in the spring.


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