Jewellery Must Haves.

It’s hard to believe that once upon a time I was that girl that never wore any jewellery. I had my ears pierced at age 11 and didn’t actually wear earrings until this year! Thank you to Astrid & Miyu for re-kindling my love for ear candy. You guys always want to know where my rings / earrings / necklaces are from so I thought I would put all of my must haves jewels in one place.


Sometimes I can wear a basic jeans and a tee outfit and once I have layered on a few necklaces I instantly feel dressed up and ready for anything. I have a few favourite necklaces that I wear often and on repeat, depending on my mood and the outfit of course. My go-to three favourites include the famous ‘L’ that always gets a compliment from Rox Jewellery, I love how the chain is quite short meaning it can be layered with longer ones. My longest necklace that I got quite recently but cannot stop wearing is the shell pendant from Daisy Jewellery, this is such a special piece as I was gifted it and I adore the brand so much. Now the gap between here I usually mix and match between a few different faves. At the moment I have been wearing this Scorpion star sight pendant from Betty and Biddy, but often I will wear a J necklace that I picked up from Primark, a dupe of the mini Celine necklace. As long as all the metals are the same (I would never layer different shades of gold) I don’t think it matters what collection you choose to display!



Rings are my absolute favourite jewellery piece. When I was about 13 I went to Brighton lanes on a Saturday with a friend from school and bought an old silver band for about £2, funnily enough it actually had ‘Reebok’ stamped on it. I wore this all the way up until I was 20 every single day! I have since left my little Reebok ring behind and migrated to much better things. My current ring situation includes two Rox jewellery rings, the beaded and the moon. A Topshop piece and my favourite leopard signet ring from A la Collection.


Since shooting with the angels at Astrid & Miyu my love for ear candy has developed. I currently have two lobe piercings in each ear and am debating a third. I am indecisive about getting a cartilage piercing so I have been wearing cuffs and looove them. Everyday I wear my Astrid & Miyu single plain gold cuff and the rainbow jewel cuff. I then love wearing my Rox Jewellery moon earrings for everyday wear and the gold star studs in my second piercing. But for a more statement look I will opt for Astrid & Miyu huggie in rainbow jewels and statement gold hoops which are super old Zara.



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