Lets Catch Up; Instagram Engagement, Self Employed Life & Autumnal Mood.

Hi angel how are you? I hope you are feeling good today wherever you are and whatever you are doing. I realise that I haven’t sat down to write for such a long time, over a month to be more precise. Imposter Syndrome became a thing and I didn’t think I had anything important to write or post about! Silly me. But I am back with a little chatty post to start off the Autumn months.

Firstly, it’s Autumn! I feel like I have been waiting for the brown leaves on the floor and the fresh morning air for weeks now. The feeling of new coats and knitwear filling up my wardrobe is something I will always cherish. Ahh I just love Autumn, some of my favourite things are

  • Autumnal scents and candles
  • Getting in bed early because it’s so dark
  • Soup for lunch everyday
  • Coats and jackets!!
  • Roast dinners every week when it’s raining outside
  • Movie nights
  • Apple crumble
  • Layering outfits
  • My Acne Studios beanie hat
  • Chunky biker boots
  • Did I mention coats?

I have got lots of ideas for content surrounding Autumn I really want to kick start the new season with an abundance of blog posts and Youtube videos so please let me know if there is anything in particular that you want to read / watch just drop me a DM

I think in terms of content I have just been feeling a little up in the air at the moment with what to post and when. I spoke about this briefly on my Instagram stories the other day, but I just wanted to start a more in depth conversation. The problem I am facing is that my followers are constantly going up and the last few weeks I have seen a significant rise after a stagnant period from reposts and my use of hashtags exposing my images to the explore page, which is great… But my own followers aren’t seeing my images. You might be wondering how do I know this? Well as a creator account on Instagram I have access to a variety of statistics in the ‘insight’ area. I can see the exact reach from each post and where that reach is coming from, sometimes more people are viewing my images from hashtags than they are from their home page! How is this possible! If you are someone that already follows me and have done for a while, Instagram may think you don’t want to see my posts anymore so they hide them from your feed. To remove this block you can unfollow and re follow me and like a few images to re boot Instagrams thought process.

But enough of that, as long as I am posting the images that I love and stay true to myself and my own beliefs I am all good.

You start to put a lot of pressure on yourself with these things when you work for yourself and that is something I have really noticed! I am working late in to the night and feeling unsatisfied unless my entire to do list is ticked off.. something that I definitely could never achieve, unless I was an octopus with 8 arms! Being self employed is just a learning curve, I am teaching myself new things everyday and I am always absorbing tips, information and advice from anywhere I can.

I hope this little rambly-update-chat was interesting… some what. I promise I will be back with some good style and interior content ASAP!

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