My favourite thing about staying in a hotel is the bed, the soft cloud like bedding and huge pillows that you sink into. I love getting in bed early, unwinding watching a movie, reading a book or just chatting with J. And I especially live for long Sunday mornings, sat together, him watching Match of The Day and me reading a newspaper or book, sipping tea.

The bed in my room is the main focal point of the room so I wanted this to be a statement. After refreshing the foundations of my bedroom I decided I needed to update my bed.


I swapped out my super old Ebay bargain headboard for a really trendy wicker one, which I am utterly obsessed with. The neutral wicker against the jet black wood is such a strong statement against the fresh white wall. Originally I was thinking about purchasing an entirely new bed, but with my situation at the moment I decided to wait until we have our own home to choose something together that fits with our new space, plus I really need the storage of two under-bed-drawers in my existing bed right now! Note: The headboard is supposed to sit a little bit lower on to the mattress (the round section should fit to the edge of the bed) I didn’t have the write fastenings and wanted to put it up straight away so it’s not properly connected yet! 



Next step is upgrading my bedding, you can’t have a cloud like bed without super fluffy, big pillows and a huge duvet. Mine are all purchased from John Lewis, but Amazon also have some great options too.



In terms of ‘decorating’ the bed, I wanted to still maintain a simplistic look but with a little something else. I have purchased a few bedding sets I own a white fresh cotton, an oatmeal linen and a khaki linen cotton blend. I love how each set depicts my mood for the week. Fuss isn’t something I like on the bed, I want to just get into bed and not worry about an abundance of scatter cushions and decoration. That being said, I do like to have a blanket at the foot of the bed as I get really cold at night! I have just ordered a couple of new Merino wool ones that I can’t wait to arrive.


I can’t wait to continue choosing pieces for my bedroom. I’m currently on the hunt for lighting… proving more difficult than I had hoped, so that is to be continued! Lots more interior posts to come.

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