Where did Monday come from?

Monday. The marmite day of the week, do you love them or hate them?

Our owner Lauren loves them, whether it's a Sunday-like-Monday or a to-do-list-ticked-kind-of-Monday. It is a clean slate with a new week and a chance to set goals and achieve them, but don't worry, if you hate them we can work with you on that one too!

Lauren was utilising her own Instagram page as an influencer, working with well known brands and curating her own imagery and aesthetic, she soon realised that many amazing brands were not utilising their social media platform to this extent, what she had been doing for herself she could use to help brands that didn't know how.

Thus, Monday The Studios was born. Here at Monday, we carry the notion that each brand, whether you are in the food and drink sector or a fashion brand, has a unique tale that is worth telling.

But enough about us, why not drop us an email or a DM on Instagram and we can chat about you!