Nothing beats a natural tan, but living in the UK means that I am more accustomed to the fake tan life, probably more so than I would like. I love a natural dark tan that replicates the colour that I usually go in the sun. A tan that keeps me hydrated and glowing with minimal effort. I have tried more tanning brands than I could count and I definitely think I have found my favourites – the ones that I reach for almost daily and recommend to all my friends and family. Tan Luxe is the only brand that I have been using over the past month and it is my new holy grail.



The Tan Luxe Illuminating Face Drops are my favourite. My top tip for applying it is to cleanse your skin, pat dry and apply your serums and eye cream, then mix around 3 drops of the tan drops with your moisturiser in the palm of your hand and apply it to your whole face and neck. For me the serums act as a barrier to prevent breakouts from the face tan.

I apply the tan about 2-3 times a week during my evening skincare routine.

On a daily basis I use one drop of the Tan Luxe Hyaluronic Acid Self Tan as a serum in my morning routine, it is a beautiful base to makeup and adds such a luminous glow to the skin as it is a gradual tanner. I love how this looks with just concealer and bronzer.


I have quite a specific tan routine that I do one or twice a week depending on what I am doing.

  • First in the evening I apply the Tan Luxe Glyco Water Tan Remover & Primer you spray this all over your body and lather it by rubbing in circular motions. Leave this on for 3-4 minutes (listen to a podcast and drink some wine in this time)
  • Then I get in a warm bath and exfoliate my skin with an exfoliating mitt – just to ensure all my tan is removed.
  • I usually use this time to do a heavily exfoliating face mask while in the bath.
  • When I am out the bath I will moisturise my neck, under arms, elbows, kees and ankles (as these are the dry areas that tan sticks too)
  • The Tan Luxe Hydra-Mousse is a beautiful and mind blowing product. It is a clear water like substance which when squeezed out is a foam, non sticky and no scent. I apply this to my whole body neck down and then leave it for a few minutes to dry.
  • I will then do my face tan (routine above)
  • I pop on some dark pyjamas (even though all products by Tan Luxe are non transferrable I just prefer it.
  • When I wake up I will jump in the shower and rinse off any remaining product
  • Then apply the Tan Luxe Wonder Oil. This is one of my favourite products for the body. The roller ball glides across your skin dispersing the product which smells incredible. Then rub it into your skin in circular motions. This adds a really deep illuminative glow and I love to apply it almost like a moisturiser in the morning.

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