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Netflix series, books and podcasts seem to be the only thing getting me through the weekends. That, and copious amounts of banana bread. I have put together a short list of all my favourites, as well as a little synopsis to make your life easier! A mixture of easy to watch / listen / read, psychological thrillers and crime stories. My three favourite genres.


BBC Thirteen – An adaptation of many similar crimes, a young girl, Ivy Moxham played by the incredible Jodie Comer, escapes captivity after thirteen whole years. Watch how her family and her deal with the trauma and how she will regain normality.

Marcella – Originally a BBC series but now showing on Netflix, we watch Anna Friel, starring as Marcella, life unfold through her career as a detective and her personal troubles. Absolutely loved this, each episode keeps you wanting more.

Anne With An E – I became ridiculously invested in this coming of age Netflix series. Based in 1980’s we follow Anne on her journey from being a neglected orphan to a loved family. So heartwarming and the story line is just brilliant! The setting, costumes and colour grading is also to die for!

Happy Valley – Sarah Lancashire plays sergeant Catherine Cawood in this Yorkshire based crime drama, shown on Netflix but again once a BBC series. I love the simplistic, realistic view of the police force in a quiet country village. A very emotive story line with the crime being so close to Cawood’s family. I felt so invested and watched the entire two series in a matter of days.

Three Girls – Well it’s quite clear that I love a BBC drama. Based on a true story, three girls is a short three part drama looking at the awful events of grooming and sexual abuse that took place in Rochdale between 2008 and 2012. When I was watching this I just kept saying “I can’t believe this really happened” It is so eye opening and I had major goose bumps whilst watching.

Shrill – I need more episodes! Shrill is one of my favourite series, I literally watched it all in one day. Delving into the life of being journalist Annie an American ‘fat’ girl. A hillarious watch and speaks so much truth. Loved it.



Crime Junkie – Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat, uncover crime stories from start to finish. I have listened to so many of their episodes and there is always something new. Each episode is dedicated to one story, which makes it really simple to follow.

Serial – An investigative podcast hosted by journalist Sarah Koenig. As a pose to one story in one episode, each investigation progresses over the duration of the entire series. At first I found this hard to get used too, but the story is much more in depth and a great narrative.

The Emma Guns Show – From her smooth voice, to her knowledge and incredible guests. I adore Emma Gunns. She touches on all sorts of topics from beauty to mental health, with the likes of Victoria Magrath, Trinny Woodall, Kate Somerville to name a few.

Honestly with Clemmie Telford – Another absolute favourite woman of mine. Having honest truthful conversations discussing themes of homelessness, periods, body image and death. She speaks to some inspiring people, Callie Thorpe, Jules Von Hep, Izzy Judd and Emma Cannon, even her own husband Ben Telford. I cannot get enough of Clemmie, she’s an easy listen and I always come away learning so much.

Things Yer Can’t Ask Yer Mam – Hosts Lizzy Hadfield and Lindsay Holland have the most hilarious but raw conversations, listening to two best friends as a listener you feel like their third companion. I adore their presence on Instagram and when they launched the podcast I couldn’t wait to listen. Genuine, real conversations of two northern beauties.

Gurls Talk – Adwoa Aboah hosts the informative and comforting podcast Gurls Talk. She chats to all kinds of incredible women and men. I absolutely love listening to her dreamy voice and with every episode comes an incredible amount of knowledge. It gets me thinking and feeling. If. you’re someone who loves to learn and listen to in depth conversations about deep topics. From sex to politics, homelessness to period poverty, sex toys and friendships. A new series has just started and I am already wanting more!

There are so many that I absolutely love but these are my current top favourites.



Shari Lapena – I am so obsessed with  Lapena’s writing she is the author of An Unwanted Guest, A Stranger In The House and Couple Next Door. Every book she writes is the ultimate page turner, leaving me on the edge of my seat every time. So hard to put down and I always read them in just a couple of days. Totally recommend all of her writing. She actually had a new book out this year called The End Of Her & another from last year that I am yet to read Someone We Know.

Halle Butler – I recently read The New Me, although it was a really short read and only took me one afternoon, it was simple book to get into and an escapism to the mundane realities of another woman’s life. I usually like reading these type of books in between heavy crime stories, almost as a palette cleanser. Jilian, is the name of her second book being released July of this year, currently on pre order. I am excited to read this as I loved the steady and highly descriptive narrative of The New Me.

A few other favourite titles of mine within the crime / thriller genre are: I Invited Her In, The Girl Before, The Man Who Didn’t Call, The Girlfriend, Dear Amy, Obsession.

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