Last week I was feeling the strain of the social distancing / isolation. I am a serious contender to the cabin fever community with most of my normal week spent in London on shoots, at meetings and socialising a lot. This has totally diminished and I have spent the entire week on my own at home (I have been with my family luckily) I wanted to share a few ideas and tips that you can do to lift your mood and aid your spirits when you’re on your own / with your partner  / family at home.



Whoever you live with, friends family your significant other, start playing some games, it is a serious distraction and really fun. Me and J just bought some really cool wooden games, draughts and connect 4 from Amazon that I will keep on my coffee table the whole time because they’re really beautiful.


It’s all in the small details.

Set yourself little activities to take your mind off being at home, things like picnics in the living room, date nights, cook for each other, movie nights but get your duvets down, play your music and dance around the kitchen, whatever puts a smile on your face. Do things that are a little bit different / silly to your normal weekend antics. Me and my brother have been doing movie nights with a strict no phone rule.


Learn a new skill.

When we are stuck at home it takes a lot to gain motivation, especially if you are off work and don’t have the luxury of being able to continue your daily job from the comfort of your own house. Take this time to do something you have always wanted, whether thats learning a language (download apps there are so many), cooking and baking, perfecting yoga poses and stretches. I have been baking a whole lot of banana bread, the only thing I have perfected at the moment.


Stay active.

Start doing home workouts, there are so many incredible ones out there my favourite trainer being Danielle Peazer, but also check out a lot of London based gyms and personal trainers doing live videos to follow along too on their Instagram pages. Get outside in the garden and do some skipping or an intense HIIT workout, something that can raise your heart rate.


Quality time.

If you are lucky enough to be at home with any loved ones, take this time to enjoy each other’s company without the super fast paced lifestyle we usually have. Even something simple like all sitting down and having dinner or watching a series together. Let’s see the positives in this lockdown.

Deep cleaning.

This is a great time to pay attention to the small details in your home, do a deep clean organise and sort out all your rooms, start doing a few jobs that you have been putting off like painting, fixing things, gardening etc…



I absolutely love reading, my books of choice either being something based around crime or an intense psychological thriller. I’ve used this time to stock up on books and delve in at every moment I get.


Stay connected.

We are so lucky to have the internet and be able to stay in touch with all our friends and family. Utilise the face time tool on your Iphone or download Skype or an app called House Party if you have a huge group to chat too. I have weekly facetime and wine dates with my best friends and it is so refreshing and uplifting to just speak to new people.


This time is really challenging mentally and I have really felt a strain on my mental health in the last week. I get cabin fever easily as my routine is quite full on and busy, but by keeping myself on track with a list of things to do and small novelties to look forward too at the end of the day I am keeping myself going. Make sure to set yourself menial joys to look forward too and try not to think about the future too much, live in the moment and try to live everyday to it’s fullest. Stay safe and healthy everyone.




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