Making isolation a little more fashion. But, in all seriousness, we need to look after ourselves and each other at this time. Before I delve into the world of lounge wear and home comforts, just a little reminder. Check in on your loved ones, especially those that may need a little extra help or care right now, your elderly neighbours, people with health issues you know the drill. But you would probably know by now, I like my platforms to be an escape from the everyday real stuff, thats how I would like you to think of Lauren Grace. Make sure you’re following my Instagram for daily inspo and updates. While we’re at home we need to feel our most comfortable, I have noticed a few people feeling so out of sorts with being stuck at home so here are a few of my cabin fever favourites, being the ultimate introvert that I am, I think I have this pretty sussed.


Tee. Joggers. Socks. Slippers. 

Comfy chic, but still acceptable to open the door to the postman and pop out to run errands. I like pieces that are super comfortable but can be styled up / down in your every day wardrobe. Take the joggers for example, style them with a blazer and some spotless trainers for a more put together look.


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