As a freelancer I spend the majority of my days at home working, which means I need to have a very inviting, proactive workspace to avoid distractions but feel calm and inspired. I am a person that thrives from my surroundings, the quote “tidy space, tidy mind” totally resonates with me I cannot work in a busy, cluttered corner equally I can’t unwind and go to bed when the bedroom is a state. Unfortunately for me this is a common occurrence, as I live at home. My bedroom is a sleeping – dressing – getting ready – working – shooting plus bathroom area, which to be totally honest I hate but I am making it work. I thought I would show you how I have created my workspace / work corner, which allows me to totally switch from being in my bedroom and more into an office.

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The Furniture.

Desk options were pretty limited as I really don’t have a lot of space to play with, I realised that I had a corner in my room that could turn into an ‘office’ area. We already had a corner desk from Ikea in my parents office that I re purposed and it fits perfectly. But ideally, one day, I would love to have a big office room that could be open and light and comprise of a desk away from the wall allowing me to look out on the room, rather than at the wall, although I am next to the window which is quite nice. Chair wise I bought the classic velvet tulip style chair in dusky pink, it’s not the original but a copy from Ebay that I sourced for about £150 I think! I still love it so much, it is so comfortable.

Life’s Little Luxuries.

Pieces that represent me, my style and just look really chic are a must have on my desk. As when it is out of use I still see it and look at it I always want it to look, almost, like a decorative area. I have an abundance of bits from an Agate coaster, of course candles and plenty of them, a shell tray, an amazing gold wire filer which I adore, my favourite new vase from Anissa Kermiche, a random gold crab that I got for Christmas and the cutest gold leopard business card holder. But you can decorate your desk with whatever you desire. Some ideas are photo frames, I often have flowers in the Spring or you could have a plant, maybe even pencil pots, a calendar.. the list is endless.

Work Essentials.

So we’ve got the bread and butter materials out of the way, the table and chair. But of course the whole point of having a desk is to actually work at it, now this paraphernalia may change depending on what your job description is, if you didn’t already know I am content creator meaning I dabble in cameras, writing, editing and a whole lot more boring stuff. My tools include: Cameras, chargers, a Macbook Air, an Mac Desktop and plenty of notepads oh and of course my iPhone. But who says you can’t have pretty stuff too…

Inspiring Surroundings.

My last area of importance for my workspace is for it to feel inspiring, whether that’s with colours, textures, tones or imagery and art. My space is very minimalistic with a neutral colour palette majority black and white with a few hints of gold. In terms of art I have three frames on my wall all from a previous collaboration with Desenio (this post is not sponsored) as is the print in the largest frame, however the other two I actually created myself and printed / painted. This is a great way to create exactly what you are looking for, at such a low cost! I love having magazines / books near my desk, once again in an ideal world I would have a glorious bookshelf to the side of my desk which I would fill with gorgeous photography books, and more little luxuries, as it seems I am calling them. However, my magazines of choice are Cereal and Kinfolk, the epitome of a minimalist, nordic style.

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